Product : Videopal Deluxe

Creator : Paul  Ponna and Todd Gross

Release date : Feb 2017

Price : $29/mo

Refund Policy: 30-day money back guarantee



Unlock  Hidden Features Worth Over $3,000 With Video Pal Deluxe Upgrade! 

The VideoPal Deluxe is an upgrade to better software with improved features subscribed monthly for just $29. Videopal is a pure business tool that is specifically designed to increase engagements of visitors on site thus generating more leads and boosting sales with onsite fully interactive and responsive video avatars that gets the attention of the visitors on a website. This tool is meant for site owners, business owners and marketers to help curb the increasing bounce-back rates,declining optin sign-ups, rising card abandonment and withering sales.


The app works by capturing the attention of the visitors thus reducing the bounce-back rates within minutes then converts into sales. It interacts with visitors on behalf of the website owner as per the desire of the owner. It is tailor-made to suit any task that is expected to perform. The long interaction of the visitor on a website gives a positive rating of the content therein and sends positive signals to google about the website.

The second approach of the Video Pal app is to increase the number of subscribers while boosting engagement with the visitors at the same time thus increasing profits. This is truly an amazing cutting-edge app that utilizes the power of video animation and with speech-to-text powerful technology that helps to leverage content on other peoples sites as well. The Developers Paul Ponna and Todd Gross have more than 30 years of experience on software developing.


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