Domainer Elite Pro was launched in January 2017 by Jamie Lewis, and it instantly became the most sought after solution for discovering hidden premium domains and selling them at a profit. The software is a domain names generator containing a list of highly valuable domains names suggestions that you can purchase and sell for a 100% profits. The software saves you hours of searching for premium domain names.

Product : Domainer Elite Pro Software

Creator : Jamie Lewis

Release date : Jan 2017

Niche: Domain Names Search

Price : $97

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Refund Policy: 30-day money back guarantee

Overall Domainer Pro Rating

Easy to Use

Watch a demo video of the Domainer Pro in action

Domainer Elite Pro is a package that includes:

  • The software
  • Instructions/ tutorials
  • Training and resources that you need to find good domains that will sell.

The Domainer Elite Pro comes with a training course/ tutorial to teach you how to make earnings by discovering high valued domains and selling them at a profit over and over again. The software, also, gives you a marketplace where you can find valuable domains and sell them fast right there.

With this software, you can find good domains that will sell. For instance, you can buy a domain for $9 and sell it 20 times more than the buying price.

Features of the Software

Mining and flipping

The Domainer Elite Pro will help you to find and sell domains. With Domainer Elite Pro and a Godday account, you will locate expired domains valued for $3000, $5, 000, $10, 00, $25,000and &50,000 for only $9.


You will learn where and how to sell your domains. You will learn how to sell your $9 for high ticket payments.

The 2017 version of the Domainer Elite Pro is even more desirable because it comes with an upgrade. All you need is to access the training, acquire the digital property, activate the templates and make your profit.

  • It provides new criteria to search capability of domains, instead of using just keywords, trends starting and ending words.
  • The software now comes with a database of automatically updated, heavily filtered and sorted expired domains. It is now fitted with three algorithms that will enable you to import an excel file. If the domain meets these criteria, it will automatically be added to the list. This criterion avails thousands of expired domains.
  • The software also comes with an actual marketplace where members can buy and sell the domains. The domains will be hosted for sale wherever you choose.
  • The software now affords a user an opportunity to advertise not only their domain names but their affiliate link as well.
  • You will gain immediate access to 109,582 words that will and you a single domain.
  • Improved flexibility in the use of the software
  • Multi-tier affiliate program

Criteria for using the Software

 Mine a new domain. Select the keywords. The words will be searched in Godday.

Next, select the ending word. Once you search using both words, the The Domainer Elite Pro will combine the two words to locate an available domain.

After both the starting and ending words are selected, click the submit button. The search will start. It may take a few seconds or as long as a minute depending on the length of the list.

Once the search is complete, a domain will be identified. So, all is left now is to register the domain by clicking on the register button. The domain is selected.

Click on Manage Domain. You can now add the domain on Godday Premium listings. This will list the domain on the Domainer Elite Pro market place.

Price the domain. When a potential buyer searches the domain; it will show up with the price tag.

In conclusion, Domainer Elite course is an integral part of this package. It is a business formula that will teach you how to discover valuable domain for $9.From the course, you will learn:

· The best ways to locate highly valued domain that is evaluated at $9.

· The secret keyword that will triple your commissions

· Point and click methods that you can follow easily.

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